Intelligent automation of second line defence risk controls

SocGen had 50,000 risk controls in multiple languages and several hundred staff managing second line defence. The process was manual and documented through spreadsheets. The control system could not cope with the work load, they needed to assess more controls per year and reduce costs.

DX-Labs created a prototype decision ecosystem to introduce structured knowledge working and AI. The decision ecosystem allowed machine learning and AI to intelligently transform the environment. The ML enabled supervisors to identify decision gaps in audit teams and to build Bots to monitor first line risk controls.


  • €1m annual cost Savings
  • 50% increase in productivity
  • Consistency in audit assessment across large teams
  • Robotics to identify weaker controls quickly
  • Enhanced oversight for risk and compliance teams

Integrated risk, regulatory, performance for community banking

Community banking institutions do not have the compliance, analysis and risk budgets of larger institutions, but had to comply with the same rules. DX-Labs prototyped an integrated reporting, regulatory, forecasting and ALM system to dramatically cut costs and increase productivity.

The solution is now a decision ecosystem in the cloud to meet the demands of 30,000 community banks across the world with an integrated solution replacing multiple micro applications and spreadsheets. Tools to better predict futures to enhance margin and to price for growth. New methods of IFRS9/CECL. Tools to replacing Credit Reporting and new solutions to help young people afford homes.


  • Automated regulatory returns, capital and liquidity planning
  • Halve licensing costs
  • Increase productivity 50%
  • Scenarios, stress tests, portfolio management
  • AI assistant in pricing and FP & Analysis

Ship asset Management

A ship management company was struggling with margin. Failures in container management led to empty containers being sent to Japan at the same time empty containers were bein sent to Australia.

DX-Labs created a decision ecosystem wrapped around the core shipping system to manage containers. The solution helped them avoid tax issues, found new revenues from container rentals and optimised container usage. Additional decision ecosystems were implemented around ship management, crew payrolls and victualing.


  • Identifying more capital tied up in containers than ships
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities in rental of containers
  • Supply chain resilience for remote operations and safety

Integrated Mining Model

A mining company reopened a mine considered too costly and required to drive down costs to maximise the return on capital. A high capital, high risk sector could be exposed to million dollar losses due to production delays.

DX-LAbs created decision ecosystems from 50 year mining model to stock management. Supporting complex payrolls and parts management. The decision ecosystem identified problems early enough to prevent loss events.


  • Automating complex 50 year mining models
  • Supply chain resilience for remote operations and safety
  • Managing complex payroll planning
  • 50% increase in administrative productivity
  • Better management of risk
  • Resource tracking from mine to customer

Direct marketing campaign management

A division of Bertelsmann book club division was struggle with large write offs.

DX-Labs created a prototype decision ecosystems to manage campaigns, including sales and stock ordering. Through intelligence built in the decision ecosystems, they were able to better forecast sales and enhance inventory management. Revenue per campaign increased up to 20%. Customer complaints and lost sales were reduced and write offs were dramatically reduced.


  • Up to 20% increase in campaign revenue
  • Slashed annual write offs by millions of dollars
  • Reduced lost sales from out of stock situations

Replace Spreadsheet nightmare

A business was struggling with high error rates, costly processes and poor productivity due to a large number of spreadsheets in one department. SOX and data governance required them to move off these spreadsheets. These spreadsheets were business applications, not reports, hence no vendor had a solution to the problems

DX-Labs converted the spreadsheets into .a decision ecosystem in the cloud. There was one source of data and one source of rules improving data quality immediately. Data was now available for other analysis and next steps are to implement AI and intelligent automation.


  • Up to 20% increase in productivity savings from not managing spreadsheets
  • Slashed the cost of audit and reconciliation
  • Data controls, audit and security preventing compliance breaches
  • Employees now focused on problem solving instead of creating reports