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by Humanizing Decision Making

95% of leaders now agonize over decisions

Why the urgency to redesign systems to be more natural to how humans evaluate and decide

In the real world, perfect decisions are unattainable.

We decide on uncertain futures with unknown risks, guided by instincts and intuition, relying on incomplete knowledge and intangible factors, whilst considering risk, regulations, and due diligence.

Dx-Labs assists CEOs to lift human performance in decision making,

that lifts results, reduces cost and minimizes risk

Dx Labs

What we do

Creating a safe space free of politics and vendors, to look at the problems and innovate the decision process

95% of leaders do not believe current solutions are effective!

How do we fix it:

  • Identify and prioritise problem areas
  • Provide thoughts on how to use new technologies
  • Reframe the organisations approach to decision support
  • Identify how to cut costs and increase productivity
  • Solving issues of audit, security, privacy, accuracy
  • Carry out investigations, audits, reviews of problem areas.

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Decision Quality

Better Outcomes

Decision Confidence

To progress, we require conviction that our choice was right

Professor Baba Shiv Stanford

$400bn is lost each year from ineffective decision making.

Increased accountability, more riding on decisions, greater uncertainty and complexity, heightened risk awareness, and data perplexity has significantly undermined the decision ability of 90% of management.

This is costing organisations in lost opportunities, unnecessary spending, stalled innovation and high staff turnover.

Data has made it worse

89% of business leaders claim data stopped them making decisions

The Decision Dilemma from Oracle

In attempting to ensure decisions are rational and evidence based, we have compromised the emotional side of the brain that makes decisions from incomplete knowledge using intuition and instincts. We have created more problems than we have solved in the current approach to decision support. So how can we solve this dilemma?

Organizations seeking to drive performance and outcomes

must humanize decision support

Humans Decide

The data dilemma

Decision Quality and Performance

Sports teams invest in athlete performance, extending human endurance both physically and mentally.

To succeed, organizations need to invest in performance of the human mind in evaluation and decision.

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What outcomes are you looking for

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How to prevent leaders being overwhelmed

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How can we fix broken Decision Support

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What do stakeholders want

AI Hype

Set expectations - failed to deliver

How we can make it work for you

70% want robots to make decisions for them

This is not going to happen. The data does not exist.

Instead AI can empower the what-if

Optimisation, risk management, evaluating decisions all involve the human mind doing what-if.

What AI can do is model what-ifs in seconds, what took weeks to do. This approach allows leaders to test ideas and explore ideas in real time. To create greater certainty and to be more prepared for potential risks.

This is where AI is going, and Dx Labs can help you create such an environment

Dx Labs

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