Solve Stubborn Costs

The sustainability of every business is threatened by bloated processes, from workarounds to decision support. Removing this bloat is even more critical in a time of skill shortages, inflation, interest rates, and margin pressure. Bloated processes have been linked to compliance breaches and material losses. Worst of all, bloat holds back the business, undermining margin and growth. DX – Decision Ecosystems is solving stubborn costs where others have failed.

Why the problem.

Look within your business and you will see your skilled people wasted compiling, extracting and processing thousands of tasks that add little value. Expensive staff, doing jobs they hate to create reports that have little impact whilst managers cry out for decision insights

Processes created decades ago are stopping business for reasons that no longer exist but are too embedded in the business. 

Decision Ecosystems

No longer are teams of people demoralised in jobs they hate, acting as robots producing the same reports and analysis month after month. Now they produce decision artefacts at all levels of the business supporting decision makers and artificial intelligence.

Now they are freed up to look at how to solve problems and identify opportunities instead of compiling another report. This is the environment critical to build lean, agile, resilient businesses.

Why the difference

Legacy automates manual processes that are passive reporting. Businesses capture lots of data in a warehouse and then teams create passive reports to give to management.

We are in a world of artificial intelligence and real time detailed data where data is driving decision processes.

DX is built for the world of active data where BI is built for passive data.

Those that do not change will fail

The old Taxi system of people hailing taxis off the street was passive data.  It was hit and miss with Taxis trying to guess where the customers are and customers trying to guess where the taxis are. Uber is active data that enabled Uber to decimate the traditional taxi industry.  Where integration with mapping, payments, AI is having a big impact.