Better we know the future the better the decision

Every decision is about actions in the future.  Can a borrower continue to service a loan.  Getting pricing right.  Will future sales cover employment costs.   Getting the supply chain right.

Risk, regulation and compliance, are also about future.  Can the bank survive market rate changes. Responsible lending is ensuring consumers can meet repayments into the future. Audit is about giving stakeholder confidence the business is sustainable.

Hence, the better we predict the future, the greater the quality of our decisions. This is the key tenant of Decision Experience

Legacy visualises history

Every report, dashboard and decision process in your business presents history. It tells you where you have been. Sales dashboards report historical sales. Macro models use historical patterns to predict future outcomes. 

This flows onto Artificial Intelligence where Machine Learning is learning past patterns. How can ML manage a new event if it never occurred in the past. How can Covid 2020 relate to 2023 post Covid and with high interest, rapid inflation and supply chain issues.

Why is DX different

Weather forecasting is the best description of Decision ecosystems. These are deep thinking models that relate a web of interacting events to future outcomes with about 80% accuracy.

Decision Ecosystems are deep thinking models incorporating all the rules of the business that can model current events into predictable outcomes.

The DX Advantage

In a VUCA world, (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), extrapolating history is useless. Forecasting passenger numbers for Taxis using history when Uber has entered the market is just misleading.

Decision Ecosystems are giving executives agility in decision making where the can make right decisions, quickly and be confident it was right.